we help the good guys win

From large to small, we help category leaders and emerging challengers put creative ideas to work. They are the champions and leaders focused on the future using their organization, products, services, and people to transform the world we live in.

We use creativity to build enduring and profitable growth:

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leading with intent

Intent drives competitive advantage and the development of defined ‘change’ initiatives. Balancing capabilities, objectives, competitive landscape, and emerging futures, we can align and deliver integrated solutions across (almost) every aspect of your business.

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adapting to change

The agility to adapt through continuous transformation enables businesses to unlock efficiencies, allowing reinvestment into what matters most for growth. We define the strategies and needs to grow your business, increase your relevance and generate sustained value. Change is certain, how you embrace it is where the magic lies.

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designing new models

Great experiences don’t happen by chance - they’re deliberately designed. Architecting the future, the required systems and processes in alignment with the constantly changing needs and wants of customers is what we do. Using market intelligence and defined strategy, we create models that scale, respond to the unprecedented speed of change and deliver on operational requirements.

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leveraging technology

Data-driven technology informs strategies to reinvent, reimagine and reconnect businesses with their audiences. We deliver dynamic results, whether it’s through creating a space, an experience, products or better, faster connections.


Market insights

Growth roadmap

Product and service innovation

Portfolio development

CX Customer experience

Digital ecosystem


Brand development

UX & design systems

Content strategy

Naming & identity

Messaging strategy


Product design & development

Marketing & communications

Website & App design

Launch & events


Market intelligence

Data & analytics

Persona development

Journey mapping

Strategy workshops

Design sprints

Change training

We connect the right talent around the right goals to fit the right needs.

We’ve carefully curated a growing network of subject matter and category experts, designers, and strategists with diverse perspectives and experiences across a variety of industries. Our specialists span a broad cross-section of functional areas and provide access to expertise and knowledge to any team.

Odine Bonthrone and Diego Kolsky lead the Velo Group’s passion for creating transformational ideas that deliver growth.

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We think and we do. We help our clients embrace potential and possibility.

client experience

Our clients share our belief that creativity is a powerful resource for differentiation and design is the strategic tool that provides value.

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